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I'm sorry to say that after 11 years we are closing the forums because the database was corrupted by a hacker. I see no need to re-establish a working forum from scratch, so this is it for TRP. To all the members and visitors at TRP and the Forum Wars competitions. We had a blast as I'm sure you did too. I will miss all of you, there are too many to name and a few that have passed along the way.. Thank you everybody

There is a place called Happy as is.. (www.happyasis.com)
One of the forum founders runs this social media site (Kinda like Facebook without all the BS) You would know him as BEAST USA...
The site is a work in progress but Gary is doing a great job. He has loads of help sections, help videos and will give you a ford truck for joining.. Just kidding

So.. I'll see you there or on Facebook as Raymond Roy
My email is raymo@theraptorpit.com
















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